Goodfellow Introduces Boron Nitride Nanotubes to its Product Range

Boron Nitride Nanotubes

Recently, Goodfellow introduced boron nitride nanotubes to its range of boron nitride products. Even though it is a little similar to carbon nanotubes, when it comes to its characteristics such as mechanical strength, stability, and light weight, some of its features are quite different.

Unlike CNT that may be semiconducting or metallic, boron nitride nanotubes is an electric insulator that has a bandgap of ~5.5 eV. BN structure that is layered is comparatively more chemically & thermally steady as compared to a structure that is layered with graphite. Additionally, boron nitride nanotubes’ exhibit excellent chemical & thermal stability than CNTs. It has over two lakhs times’ higher absorption capacity of thermal neutron as compared to CNTs. These dissimilarities provide benefits to a variety of industries such as,

  1. Energy: As desalination membrane, offering rapid & more effective purification as compared to the one presently available.
  2. Information Technology: A solution to heat-dissipation problem happening due to reduction of electronic materials.
  3. Biomedical: For possible use as a delivery agent of drug and also a drug target.
  4. Space and Nuclear: For the development of high-temperature structural components.

The firm also provides BNNTs two grades in powder kind:

Product with ninety percent or over purity, targeted at researchers who will run characteristic research with the help of high-purity products.

Product with seventy percent or more than that level of purity, targeted at consumers who want to utilize boron nitride nanotubes’ for their applied research.

Furthermore, the firm also provides different types of boron nitride that includes single crystal, hot isotactic pressed boron nitride, hexagonal boron nitride, hot pressed boron nitride, and pyrolytic boron nitride.

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