OTT Solutions’ President Says Streaming is Beneficial to Traditional Live Sports Viewing


A couple of years ago, streaming industry was led by giants such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. They had a significant portion of content licenses & used this to introduce big alliances with cable providers. This year, firms such as WarnerMedia & Disney are introducing their content in-house before the launch of their streaming services. Hence, market share’s competition will be intense.

But there is one particular area of content, which is facing very less amount of changes due to streaming, it is live sports. It is mostly because fans of sports exist at a very particular cross section of traditional & digital viewing preferences. Research conducted recently discovered that over seventy percent of sports fans still prefer to watch sports via cable subscriptions instead of live streaming or other alternatives.

However, they also witness an important worth is digital & mobile channels. Research also discovered that over forty percent of fans use websites & social media to keep an eye on other games. More than thirty percent are using the same platform to learn about game stats. Streaming allows viewers to use cell phones as secondary or tertiary screens.

It is a great prospect for broadcasters. Right from how they develop programming policies to forms of premium offerings that can enhance the viewing experience more. Sky is the limit for them. Take for instance, customers currently are increasingly against traditional promotion. When they are asked what forms of services they would want to pay extra for, 1 in every 5 individual would readily pay for minimum advertising. Additionally, if they are provided with the option to customize package, over thirty percent would opt for less interfering advertisements. With the help of on-screen overlays, broadcasters & advertisers can provide their services easily sans interrupting the game.

The simplified method of streaming has given people an idea as to how they can develop other technological developments into content delivery plans. However, a survey conducted shows that over sixty percent of viewers are not yet interested in VR/AR as a part of their viewing experience. AR/VR needs particular hardware that is not productive presently. Broadcasters & service providers have to think about long term. Considering the fact that over forty percent of Millennials & Gen Z don’t mind VR/AR in how they see content.

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