Afternoon Napping can be Effective at Reducing Blood Pressure

Afternoon Napping

Researcher Manolis Kallistratos & colleagues discovered that individuals who took afternoon napping have more chances to experience a decrease in blood pressure as compared to individuals who didn’t take an afternoon siesta.

Afternoon napping was found to decrease blood pressure to a similar extent as consuming a pill for high blood pressure. The results will be presented at the forthcoming American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session in March in New Orleans.

The problem of high blood pressure is faced by almost fifty percent of the adult American population. It is also one of the primary causes of strokes & heart attacks. It is considered as a silent killer because of individuals are unaware of it, until it is very late.

Information Analyzed by the Research Team

Manolis and team studied information that was available for over two hundred individuals with an average age of sixty-two years and with a systolic blood pressure around 130 mm Hg. As per the American Heart Association guidance, 120 mm Hg or less than is said to be a healthy systolic blood pressure.

Team compared blood pressure readings recorded over the course of a day between individuals who took afternoon napping and those who didn’t. Research adjusted for factors like salt consumption, liquor, coffee. It also considered gender, usage of medicines, physical activity, and age.

Findings of the Research

Research findings suggests that individuals who slept for forty-nine minutes in the noon recorded a systolic blood pressure that was an average of five mm/Hg less than people who didn’t sleep in the afternoon. Team explains that this decrease is similar to what can be anticipated after consuming a low-dose blood pressure tablet.

Manolis further explains that sleeping in the noon can be adopted without any hassle and it is quite inexpensive. But Dr. Sonya Babu-Narayan, British Heart Foundation’s associate medical director explains that even though getting sufficient sleep is essential, it has been proven that healthy lifestyle alterations like decreasing liquor & salt consumption, working out regularly, and retaining healthy weight are some of the methods to keep blood pressure low.

Dr. Sonya says that even though it may sound tempting to exchange all the aforementioned measures for a daily nap, following healthy lifestyle choices is the key to prevent strokes & heart attacks. Also taking medicines whenever prescribed. Hence, napping and making healthy lifestyle choices is the key to leading longer lives.

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