Microsoft Announces its Launch of Data Centers in Africa

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In recent news, Microsoft is proud to announce that they have started their first African data centers in two locations – Johannesburg & Cape Town. This is done to offer South Africa with rapid access to Azure Cloud.

The latest canters will be the firm’s first in the area after Huawei, who recently introduced their cloud service available in Johannesburg. It also shows that for the first time that Microsoft has surpassed Amazon Web Services that doesn’t plan on starting their data centers in South Africa until 2020.

In the past, Microsoft had mentioned that their new data centers will be online towards the end of 2018. They missed their target and didn’t give any explanation for the same.

Data Centers in Africa

Now that Azure Cloud can be accessed in the areas, residents of Johannesburg & Cape Town will have to be patient for the firm’s other cloud-based applications to be set in the region.

By the third quarter of 2019, Microsoft’s Office 365’s availability is predicted & in the fourth quarter Dynamics 365 is set to be introduced. The information about latest data centers were revealed in a blog post. Tom Keane, Corporate Vice President of Azure stated the way this help to boost digital transformation in the area.

Tom Keane’s Explanation

He explains that the launch of these areas is a big achievement for the firm as they start their first enterprise-grade data-centers in Africa. They have become the first global provider to offer cloud services from data-centers. The new areas offer latest incidence of their continuous investment to assist in digital transformation & advance technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence & edge computing all over Africa.

Now that there is a rise in safeguarding information & regulation, having local data centers will assist firms trying to retain their information in the country’s borders. Other cloud providers will follow in the footsteps of Microsoft by starting their own facilities in the area.

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