Breach of Security – Biggest Concern Among Corporate Employees


Violation of data revealing important & secretive information of firm is increasing. McAfee’s recent research discloses that plenty of employees are worried that they may be the reason for data leakage or cyber-attacks. Out of all the people who were surveyed, at least twenty-one percent of employees expressed their concern that they may end up doing something in office which may lead to violation of security. They also expressed fear over clicking a link which leads to their corporate network being infected with virus.

The aforementioned office-related anxiety is resulting in less confidence, sleep disorders & health issues as employees work hard to handle growing complex threat landscape.

Over twenty-five percent of individuals disclosed going through stress-related issues. Over fourteen percent admitted to calling in sick in order to avoid going to office.

Increasing Concerns

McAfee found out that since remote working is gaining a lot of popularity, individuals recognized Wi-Fi hotspots, gadgets linked to mobile networks, and cloud storage/apps as some of the largest security threats faced by them.

Other biggest threat to a person’s data security is connected cars, artificial intelligence, smart home systems, and gadgets linked to home networks. McAfee’s Chief Scientist & Fellow Raj Samani said that data violation threats can cause stress & anxiety. But, cybersecurity should be a team effort involving the entire organization.

Mr. Raj also said it’s not hard to overlook the fact that cybercrime causes more damage than just reputational & financial for targeted firms. It also results in stress & anxiety for employees. Their research states that a large number of staff in the United Kingdom are tensed they will end up doing something which may lead to breach of data security in office. Although, hackers may try to get important information of firm with the help of employees through phishing attacks or other methods, IT department of the firm should make sure that last defense is not on employees.

Employees should also ensure safety on their part by not clicking on doubtful links in mails. However, cybersecurity is a team effort and it should be spread all over the firm. By searching for correct combination of technology, individuals, & process, IT can safeguard their business from attacks, identify threats and also rectify systems.

McAfee has also highlighted the right antivirus to safeguard one’s firm of business from cyber threats.

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