Waymo Plans on Selling its Self-Driving Technology

Self-Driving Technology

On Wednesday, the former Google car division, Waymo who’s coming up with self-driving innovation revealed its plan to sell its self-driving technology to firms that are not its rivals.

Alphabet, another firm will provide its lidar sensors that measure distance laser light pulses, to firms in agricultural technology, robotics, security & different industries. In a statement, Waymo revealed that their custom lidars have been important in creating Waymo the first firm globally to introduce self-driven cars on roads.

Currently, these sensors are available to firms beyond self-driving in order to accomplish their innovations. The plan may introduce new ways to earn revenue for the firm as they have invested in introducing robo taxis to industry, thereby increasing the availability of three dimensional lidar sensors they have been creating since eight years now.

Statement further read that providing the said lidar to partners assists in boosting the growth of applications beyond self-driving vehicles & also moves their business forward.

They can scale their independent technology rapidly, enabling each senor affordable with the help of economies of scale. Waymo is providing Laser Bear Honeycomb sensor that is utilized on self-driving cars’ bumpers. Furthermore, it has a bigger field of view as compared to other sensors.

Waymo stated that when a light pulse is sent by Honeycomb, it not just notices the first subject touched by the laser beam. It can notice around four various objects in the line of sight of the laser beam. It helps to provide a detailed view of the surrounding & shows objects which may otherwise be not noticeable.

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