United States Government Sued by Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies

On Thursday, Huawei Technologies filed a case against the U.S. government claiming that a regulation restricting its business in the United States was unconstitutional. Thereby, increasing its fight back against the government, persistent in its efforts to shut the firm out of global markets.

The firm explains that they filed a complaint in Texas in a federal court objecting Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). In August, the act was agreed and signed by President Donald Trump, who is the President of the United States. The act stops federal agencies & their contractors from acquiring its equipment & services.

Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer was Arrested

The case is the latest conflict between the US and China. Most of 2018 was spent by the two countries imposing import tariffs on each other’s goods. 2018 came to an end with Chief Financial Officer of Huawei’s arrest in Canada at the request of the United States. China was astonished by the arrest.

As per the accounts of ten people aware about Huawei’s documents & probes associated with the investigations witnessed by Reuters, even before Donald Trump started the trade war, all the activities of the firm were under heavy investigation by the authorities of the United States.

Guo Ping’s Statement

In a statement Guo Ping, who is the Rotating Chairman of Huawei said that United States Congress has constantly been unsuccessful to generate any proof to support its ban on Huawei products. They are forced to take this legal action as a proper & last resort. The restriction is not just illegal, but it also stops the firm from participating in fair competition, thereby harming consumers of the United States. They are looking forward to the verdict of the court.

Although Huawei’s share of the U.S. market is very less, nonetheless, the firm is the largest telecoms gear maker. It plans to be a leading roll-out of 5G cellphone networks & services.

In the filed case, Huawei clarified that their services & equipment are put through developed security procedures. No backdoors, purposeful security weakness or implants have been recorded in any of the over one hundred & seventy countries globally, where the services & equipment of the company are used.

In a news briefing at Huawei’s headquarters in Southern China, Guo Ping said that the United States Government is leaving no stones unturned to tarnish the firm’s name & deceive the public.

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