Audio Bracelet for Blind Interactions may help Visually Impaired Kids

Audio Bracelet

A new product called Audio Bracelet for Blind Interactions is designed specifically keeping kids in mind. It is a device, which is strapped to a kid’s wrist and it offers additional feedback for kids who are visually impaired. The bracelet is not bigger than a wristwatch and it helps to sense body motion & offer the wearer with geographical information about the location of the movement based on series of noise.

Initially, project team’s lead Dr. Gori thought that the device will be completely commercialized in a year’s time. Post the successful trial of Audio Bracelet for Blind Interactions & also the kit that has wrist device & a bunch of speakers, the product will be given to rehabilitation centers & hospitals.

ABBI-K will assist the therapists to offer rehabilitation with the help of Audio Bracelet for Blind Interactions device in an easy & intuitive method. They are also deciding the process for the CE mark. Hence, it looks like they are in a better place currently.

Working on a Business Plan

As of now, researchers are working on a business plan to expand the market with their product & assist the kids who are visually impaired. Dr. Gori explains that they got some interest from investor for supporting the availability of ABBI-K & ABBI. They are also working to complete the deal that involves future start up with Chiara Martolini, who is her colleague.

This outcome happened because of Technology Transfer Office in the Italian Institute of Technology. Plenty of rehabilitation centers & hospitals in Italy have exhibited a huge interest in their product & normal approach.

Even though the device has only been tested on kids who are three years old or older than that, Dr. Gori feels that the product could alter the lives of kids younger than three years old.

Device May Prove to be Effective for Kids who are less than Three Years Old

Till now, they have only experimented with ABBI on kids older than three years old. However, Dr. Gori is positive that ABBI’s usage can be important in enhancing social, spatial & manipulation skills for visually-impaired kids in the important first three years of their lives. She is planning on discovering this thought further. Moreover, because there are very less technological rehabilitative solutions created for early intervention in small visually-impaired kids.

She hopes that the product will boost more technological advancements for the visually impaired. ABBI project has definitely opened up several huge opportunities for visually-impaired kids’ rehabilitation.

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