Scientists Relate High-fat Diet to Risk of Colorectal Cancer

High-fat Diet

Recently, doctors have observed a scary anomaly, deaths due to colorectal cancer in individuals who are less than 55 years of age seem to be increasing. Estimates by American Cancer Society states that deaths in younger group rose by one percent from 2007 to 2016. Recent research directed by scientists at Salk Institute state that high-fat diet give boost to colorectal growth by disturbing equation of bile acids in intestine & start a hormonal signal which allows potentially cancerous cells to thrive. On February 21, 2019, the research was published in Cell, explained why colorectal cancer, which takes years to develop is visible in younger people growing up at a time when diets rich with fat is fairly common.

Professor Ronald Evans stated that the research offers a new method to decrease inflammation, mend intestinal health & to decrease progress of tumor. Test was run in a mouse model which shows genetics & lifestyle coincide. Researchers have discovered that animals who have APC mutation, which is a common genetic mutation discovered in humans with colorectal cancer, developed cancer at a rapid rate when they were given a high-fat diet.

Research’s co-author Ruth Yu stated it maybe if you are genetically prone to get cancer and consuming a high-fat diet may trigger it more. Colon & intestine known as the gut are organs that work extremely hard. As a person consumes food, gut needs to continuously regenerate its lining to reverse damage done by digestive acids. For this to take place, gut stores stem cells that can renew lining cells when required.

Scientists have discovered that colorectal cancers often start from mutations in stem cells. Common colorectal cancer-linked mutation is present in a gene known as APC that usually is a suppressor of tumor as it manages the number of times cells divide. Mutations in APC gene can get rid of that control & permit cells to split rapidly which in turn may become cancerous. Their research is helping to understand the disease and find apt treatment for it.

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