Researchers come up with Implantable Pacemaker Powered by Heartbeat

Implantable Pacemaker

It comes as no doubt that implantable have significantly affected the world of modern medicine, specifically, implantable pacemaker. It has saved several lives by controlling rhythm of the heart. Even though they save lives, there’s one disadvantage to it, batteries only function for five to twelve years. When the batteries run out, implantable pacemaker needs to be replaced via an operation.

As per a report released in ACS Nano, researchers have developed an implantable pacemaker fueled by heartbeat’s energy. The new device has been tested in pigs, who have a same makeup to humans.

Usually, a traditional pacemaker is inserted under the skin near collarbone. Circuity & battery produce electrical signals which are sent to the heart with the help of an implant. When battery is replaced with an operation, problems may occur like bleeding & infection. Even though several researchers have worked hard to develop pacemakers with the help of heartbeats natural energy, it is not yet successful. Setbacks faced by designers are that these devices are not powerful because of their fixed structure & reducing every component is a detailed procedure. Hence, Bin Yang, Hao Zhang and their colleagues looked for a solution.

They have developed a compact, versatile plastic frame & secured it to piezoelectric layers that creates energy when it is bent. Later on, the device was inserted in a pig & it demonstrated that a beating heart has the capability to change the shape of the frame by creating sufficient power to meet the battery-powered pacemaker’s performance.

Researchers claim that the research is a tiny step in the direction of self-powered cardiac implantable pacemaker.

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