Researcher at LSU Uses E.Coli Bacteria to Create Biodiesel

E.Coli Bacteria

Tatiana Mello of Piracicaba, who is a mechanical engineering graduate student at Louisiana State University is presently working on enhancing & engineering E.coli bacteria to develop bio products such as biodiesel, using an inexpensive method. This effort has drawn the attention of several who are in biology & engineering sectors. Furthermore, they have also given Tatiana the chance to discuss her research at National Biodiesel Conference and Expo in San Diego.

She suggests using E.coli bacteria to increase the production of biodiesel by developing a new form of feedstock. Tatiana stated that in the United States, primary feedstocks for biodiesel are corn oil & soybean. Usual production is sufficient for humans to consume, but they have the extra which nobody knew what do with, that’s why biodiesel was developed. The market is ever-increasing. Within a few years, it is predicted that the excess won’t be sufficient to create biodiesel. E.coli bacteria is inexpensive & in abundance & people can genetically alter it to satisfy this requirement.

Main Aim of the Research

Her primary objective is to develop Malonyl-CoA bioproducts like pharmaceuticals, biodiesel, polymers & plastics. It is found in bacteria from humans & has essential part in controlling fatty acid metabolism & intake of food. She further added that expansion of Malonyl-CoA is the subject of her research because of it being a precursor for several things.

Has Been Working on the Project for Two Years Now

Tatiana has been on this project for two years now & had the opportunity to present it at the National Biodiesel Conference and Expo in San Diego in January. Around twelve university-level science majors in the US, who are keen on learning about biodiesel market get travel scholarships to attend. But, out of the twelve, only four students are given the opportunity to present their work.

Tatiana did as part of Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel and she is already a member of it. She added that taking part in the conference not just affected her research & career, but she also learned a lot about the biodiesel industry.

She said that she was introduced to a completely new world after the misunderstanding about biofuel & food industry competing for cropland was clarified. The several new topics, rules & problems discussed during the event prepared her for the complete biodiesel business.

After attaining a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the University of Campinas in São Paulo, Tatiana felt that she wanted one more degree to use her scientific knowledge. She said that they have this technique, it works, now they just require industry partner to boost it up.

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