Research Highlights Potential of Battery Systems for Medicine Manufacturing

Medicine Manufacturing

Latest developments in battery technology, right from designing of their cases to electrochemistry which happens inside them has given rise to several electric cars such as Volts, Leafs, and Teslas. Scripps Research scientists motivated by improved electrochemistry of the batteries have comes up with a battery-like process which enables them to create potential developments for medicine manufacturing

The latest technique was covered in Science, ignores safety risks related with a category of chemical reaction called as dissolving metal reduction that is frequently used to develop compounds used for medicine manufacturing. The technique will provide ample benefits over existing techniques of manufacturing of chemical. However, till now, it has mostly been put aside cause of safety issues.

Science paper’s senior author, Phil Baran stated that similar type of batteries that are utilized in electric cars now were very risky for commercial usage a few years ago. However, now the batteries are comparatively safer all because of advancement in engineering & chemistry. By using similar principles which made new generation of batteries possible, they have come up with a technique to carefully direct powerfully diminishing reactions of chemical which has been hardly used extensively because till now, they were expensive or harmful.

Phil added that this may significantly effect not just the production of pharmaceuticals but also the attitude of chemists, who conventionally ignore this chemistry because of safety issues. The issue was raised by their co-author Michael Collins, who is Pfizer’s medicinal chemist.

An unusual instance of the usage of dissolving reduction of metal in pharmaceutical production is Parkinson’s disease drug created by Pfizer, an important accomplishment in manufacturing of chemical, which demanded a lot of efforts. The process to develop the compound extensively needs sufficient gaseous ammonia to fill three Boeing 747 airliners & must be operated at -35 degrees Celsius.

In order to beat the hurdles to use chemistry, Baran and team referred to the developments made in producing battery by collaborating with the experts at University of Utah and University of Minnesota. Li-ion batteries used in gadgets like electric cars, mobile phones, laptops depend on developments in an interior element known as solid electrolyte interphase.

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