Morning Walks May Help to Reduce Blood Pressure Says Researcher

Blood Pressure

A latest study released in the journal Hypertension states that going for a half-an-hour walk in the morning may turn out to be effective as medication to decrease blood pressure.

University of Western Australia’s researchers discovered that walking on a treadmill for half an hour in the morning improved the individuals’ blood pressure readings for the entire day. They claim that for some people, morning walk can be a substitute for medicines.

According to a survey done by Blood Pressure UK, which is a charity, around one-third adults suffer from high blood pressure, which is known as a reading of over 140/90mmHg & in Britain around twelve million individuals are dependent on medicines to treat their condition.

Assessment Done on Individuals

For the purpose of the research, Michael Wheeler & colleagues studied around sixty-seven obese & overweight women (aged 55 to 80) and men, who participated in 3 various eight-hour daily routine.

In the first routine, individuals had to sit for eight hours at a stretch. For the second routine, people had to sit for an hour before going for a walk for half an hour at medium speed on a treadmill, later on sitting for more than six hours.

Third routine had people sitting for an hour before walking on treadmill for half an hour, followed by sitting for over six hours. However, this was interrupted every half an hour with three minutes of slow speed walking.

The outcome was that blood pressure was considerably lesser when individuals were involved in the routines that had walking in comparison to the first routine. Michael stated that extent of reduction in blood pressure approached that of what may have been predicted when this individuals group consumes medicines for anti-hypertensive.

Talking about the research, British Heart Foundation around thirty minutes of morning physical activity does wonders for individuals’ mental health. Chris Allen, who is British Heart Foundation’s cardiac nurse stated that the discovery is a further addition to evidence that daily exercise can decrease blood pressure & lowers the risk of strokes & heart attacks. Furthermore, it gives boost to a person’s mind & body. Hence, half an hour of physical activity in the morning is a good way to start your day.

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