Collaborative Robots by Amazon Gives a Glimpse of the Future

Collaborative Robots

Several of orange collaborative robots speed & move back & forth like small bumper cars. However, instead of hitting each other, they’re moving in a methodically designed route to move plenty of products ordered from Amazon.

A woman dressed in a red safety vest, with pockets filled with radio transmitters & sensors on her belt & a tablet, walks through their designed choreography. This happens at the latest Amazon order fulfillment center which started on Staten Island in New York in September.

In an 80,000 square-meter space occupied by machinery, the firm has used plenty of developed equipment in the ever-increasing area of robots who are competent enough to work with humans.

Since 2018, high-tech vest used at the warehouses of Amazon is important to the entire operation. It permits Deasahni Bernard, a 21-year-old woman to enter the robot area, to lift an article which has fallen off from the robot or to check if battery needs to be replaced. Only a button needs to be pressed by Deasahni & the robots automatically halt or slow down.

Human-robot Symphony

Currently, Amazon has over twenty-five centers for robotic, Tye Brady, who is Amazon Robotics’ chief technologist states have altered the way, the firm runs.

Tye further added that earlier it used to take more than a day but now it takes less than an hour to complete the task. He explained that they can now accommodate around forty percent of more goods in the same footprint.

However, for some individuals, the aforementioned fulfillment centers that has helped to secure Amazon’s leading position in the online sales globally, is an apt example of the lurking risk of humans being replaced by artificial intelligence in some areas.

Tye explains that humans & robot working together at Staten Island facility that has over two thousand employees, has offered them a beautiful edge over competition. Deasahni, who used to work as a cashier in a supermarket before she started working with Amazon seconds Tye. She said that she prefers this job over her previous employments.

In Staten Island, besides tech-vest wearers such as Bernard, there are packers, stowers, and pickers who put in products, match them up ordered by the same consumers & develop shipping boxes with the assistance of scanners & screens.

Brady stated that at every level, objective is to expand the competencies of people so humans can concentrate on solving issues and interfere if required. For thirty-three years, Brady has worked with robotics. In the past he was MIT’s spacecraft engineer & on lunar landing systems of Draper Laboratory in Massachusetts. Brady believes that the key to future productivity and growth is the usage of collaborative robots.

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