March 6, 2019


Researchers claim that besides eyes & nose, kids also inherit their parents’ moral characteristics. They have discovered that although parents shape their kids to become responsible & kind adults, there exist a hidden genetics factor which affects these characteristics. Penn State’s Training Interdisciplinary Educational Scientists Fellow, Amanda Ramos has faith that the research will help to initiate discussion about why & how these traits called as virtuous character grows. Amanda

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

According to information from a clinical trial held at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia’s Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, latest smart drug holds a lot of potential for women suffering from metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. The trial’s research was released on February 25, 2019 in New England Journal of Medicine. Research’s senior author Kevin Kalinsky stated that the drug may possibly alter practice due to the fact that the results are extremely convincing,

Implantable Pacemaker

It comes as no doubt that implantable have significantly affected the world of modern medicine, specifically, implantable pacemaker. It has saved several lives by controlling rhythm of the heart. Even though they save lives, there’s one disadvantage to it, batteries only function for five to twelve years. When the batteries run out, implantable pacemaker needs to be replaced via an operation. As per a report released in ACS Nano, researchers

Blood Pressure

A latest study released in the journal Hypertension states that going for a half-an-hour walk in the morning may turn out to be effective as medication to decrease blood pressure. University of Western Australia’s researchers discovered that walking on a treadmill for half an hour in the morning improved the individuals’ blood pressure readings for the entire day. They claim that for some people, morning walk can be a substitute

E.Coli Bacteria

Tatiana Mello of Piracicaba, who is a mechanical engineering graduate student at Louisiana State University is presently working on enhancing & engineering E.coli bacteria to develop bio products such as biodiesel, using an inexpensive method. This effort has drawn the attention of several who are in biology & engineering sectors. Furthermore, they have also given Tatiana the chance to discuss her research at National Biodiesel Conference and Expo in San

Medicine Manufacturing

Latest developments in battery technology, right from designing of their cases to electrochemistry which happens inside them has given rise to several electric cars such as Volts, Leafs, and Teslas. Scripps Research scientists motivated by improved electrochemistry of the batteries have comes up with a battery-like process which enables them to create potential developments for medicine manufacturing The latest technique was covered in Science, ignores safety risks related with a

Collaborative Robots

Several of orange collaborative robots speed & move back & forth like small bumper cars. However, instead of hitting each other, they’re moving in a methodically designed route to move plenty of products ordered from Amazon. A woman dressed in a red safety vest, with pockets filled with radio transmitters & sensors on her belt & a tablet, walks through their designed choreography. This happens at the latest Amazon order

High-fat Diet

Recently, doctors have observed a scary anomaly, deaths due to colorectal cancer in individuals who are less than 55 years of age seem to be increasing. Estimates by American Cancer Society states that deaths in younger group rose by one percent from 2007 to 2016. Recent research directed by scientists at Salk Institute state that high-fat diet give boost to colorectal growth by disturbing equation of bile acids in intestine