OSHU Scientists Recognize Novel Target to Stop and Cure Alcoholism


In Portland, Oregon a research was administered at OSHU that recognized a gene which could offer a novel target in order to generate medicines to hinder & cure alcoholism. Oregon National Primate Research Center’s scientists at OSHU found a gene which had minimum expression in nonhuman primates’ brains that drank large amount of liquor in comparison to someone who consumed less.

Further in the research, the team also figured out a connection between liquor & the way it adjusts levels of activity of the exact gene. Researchers found out upon raising the position of gene encoded protein in mice, consumption of liquor was decreased by around fifty percent without leaving an impact on complete quantity of consumption of liquid or their general health. The research was published recently in the online journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

Research changed levels of protein encoded by an individual gene – GPR39 that is a zinc-binding receptor formerly related to depression. The frequency of usage of liquor & co-occurring mood disorders are great. Study suggest that people with liquor use disorder being 3.7 times more will mostly have depression than people who drink don’t drink. With the help substances that are available commercially which imitates the functioning of GPR39 protein, researchers have discovered that focusing on this gene considerably decreased consumption of liquor in mice.

ONPRC’s research assistant professor in the divisions of Neuroscience and Genetics’ senior author Rita Cervera-Juanes who has a Ph.D. stated that the research emphasizes on the significance of utilizing cross-species methods to recognize & experiment with appropriate drugs for treating alcohol use disorder.

To find out if similar mechanism impacts individuals, researchers’ team currently is investigating tissue samples of postmortem from brains of individuals who were alcoholics.

Presently, there are very less options of remedies for alcohol addiction authorized by FDA. With the help of experimenting the impact of substance in decreasing consumption of ethanol in mice besides its formerly announced connection in decreasing depression-like signs –outcome may direct the way towards creating a drug, which stops & heals chronic alcoholism & mood changes in individuals.

Rita Cervera-Juanes said that that are discovering new targets and the drugs for them already exist & drugs may be used to cure other disorders. For treating liquor addiction, it is big because presently there are very less drugs authorized by Food and Drug Administration.

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