Cybershoes, a VR Accessory, is now a Reality


VR firm Cybershoes GmbH has now practically fulfilled a dream of all virtual reality enthusiasts by introducing Cybershoes, a unique and inexpensive accessory of VR which is worn on the feet of the users and enables people to run or walk through virtual reality.

Cybershoes are secured directly onto one’s feet & as they are seated in a revolving bar stool, they are ready to commence their exciting journey of VR. Any said VR game is compatible with Cybershoes and operate with SteamVR, Pimax, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive & Windows Mixed Reality. With the help of Cybershoes, all the moments are coordinated by an individual’s own physical movement, so one can feel like they are discovering old ruins of dwarven or running from a mean crowd of the undead.

In January 2019, during the CES debut, Cybershoes disclosed its latest restructured prototype which showcases an enhanced grip for smoother & rapid turning.

Chief Executive Officer and inventor of Cybershoes GmbH, Michael Bieglmayer stated that virtual reality is a limitless space, however till now it was difficult to walk in. They had to do plenty of tests till the time they figured that solution was not to be discovered in standing but in sitting. The outcome inspires because no one could get rid of the strong immersion which is feasible with Cybershoes. Hence the revolving chair one is sitting on can be forgotten instantly. They were excited to witness the reaction and attain positive feedback from CES audience.

Some of the advantages & characteristics are:

  • Cyber shoes are inexpensive to individuals who are already equipped with their setup of virtual reality.
  • Adjustment & connecting to virtual reality rig is pretty easy & starting to play is as simple as sitting in one’s favorite revolving bar stool & fastening on the Cybershoes to their feet.
  • Cyber shoes allows individuals to let them manage their in-game movement by letting them actually walk in the place.
  • Moreover, Cyber shoes provides a VR movement product with regards to accessibility & cost which is not offered in the market.
  • Besides gaming, Cyber shoes can be used in training & planning for industrial facilities, elderly’s physical rehab programs & construction & architecture previews.
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