Amazon is reportedly developing a Game Streaming Service

Game Streaming Service

Amazon is working on developing a video game streaming service over the internet, joining other large tech companies such as Sony, Google and Microsoft that are building similar offerings, promising for a new battleground in online entertainment, The Information reported, citing two people familiar with the plan.

While Sony’s PlayStation is already up and running, Google has begun to test its Project Stream service in the United States, and Microsoft is building its own platform.

According to news reports, it make sense that Amazon would enter into this arena, considering that it is one of the largest providers cloud computing services in the world, and can therefore easily develop the necessary platform to support the demand for game streaming service around the world.

However, numerous similar platforms have been developed, tested, and even shut down in the past few years, mainly due to falling demand and unsatisfactory performance.

The Verge reported that Amazon has been experimenting with cloud gaming since 2014 with a hybrid Amazon cloud game on its tablet. Such existing experiments along with the fact that Amazon has its own gaming studio and sells cloud services to other third-party game studios, make it difficult to say the company is seriously aiming for cloud gaming in a big way.

Following the cancellation of its first project Breakaway in April 2018, according to the Verge news, it might just be another experiment or a hedge to stay neck-and neck with other tech companies if cloud gaming gains more demand.

On the other hand, the sources that spoke to The Information that negotiations must be underway, but couldn’t confirm the list of games or a firm release date, making it hard to confirm the information with the developers themselves. According to the report, Amazon’s service isn’t likely to be launched until next year at the earliest.

Most interestingly, if these reports are true, there may soon be huge battle between tech titans for the future of gaming, along with Sony, Nvidia, EA, and even Nintendo.

Amazon has yet to say anything official on the matter.

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