January 7, 2019

Brain-Computer Interfaces

To better understand the brain function, many researchers used electrode arrays to map the electrical activity of different regions of the brain. However, these arrays are only capable of detecting the activity over a certain frequency threshold. Recently, a group of researchers from Barcelona built a new technology that not only overcomes the technical limitation but also unlocks a myriad of information found below the frequency of 0.1 Hz, paving


Researchers at Penn State claimed that grain bran contains a ‘natural antioxidant’ that could preserve food longer and potentially replace synthetic antioxidants currently used in food industries across the globe. Currently, there is a big push within the food industry to adopt natural ingredients over the synthetic variants, mainly driven by the consumers, doctoral candidate Andrew S. Elder said. There has been an increasing demand for clean labels, the consumers

Smarter Airplanes

Gulls’ wings can adapt their shape to breezy or gusty conditions by altering a single elbow joint, according to a new research at the University of British Columbia (UBC) – a simple mechanism that could influence better and smarter airplanes design. Findings of the research are detailed on a paper published in the recent issue of Journal of the Royal Science Interface. According to the senior author Douglas Altshuler, a

App Store

Global customers reportedly spent around $1.22 billion on Apple App Store during the holiday season of 2018, hitting a single-day record with purchases worth nearly $322 million on New Year’s Day alone. On Thursday, the iPhone maker reported that spending on App Store topped $1.22 billion from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve. According to Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Apple’s Worldwide Marketing, the holiday week of 2018 has been