Collaborating a huge amount of data taken from past research with information from over five hundred patients, an international researchers’ team from John Hopkins has come up with a computer-based set of rules that correctly predicts when individuals with an uncommon heart issue may benefit or not from crucial inserted defibrillators. Latest study released online on March 27 in the European Heart Journal offers physicians with a risk prediction tool

Boron Nitride Nanotubes

Recently, Goodfellow introduced boron nitride nanotubes to its range of boron nitride products. Even though it is a little similar to carbon nanotubes, when it comes to its characteristics such as mechanical strength, stability, and light weight, some of its features are quite different. Unlike CNT that may be semiconducting or metallic, boron nitride nanotubes is an electric insulator that has a bandgap of ~5.5 eV. BN structure that is

Climate Changes

As per the latest research by University of Guelph’s researchers, warm climate is having an adverse impact on food webs present in Ontario lakes. Researchers have identified that warmer average climate changes in the last ten years have forced fish to rummage in deeper water. They pursue various prey species, which in turn leads to environment-induced rewiring of food webs, changing the energy flow & nutrients present in the waterbody.


Currently, every single city aspires to be greener, cleaner & more sustainable. The way to this mission begins at the basic level – city’s waste management & recycling at the right time and efficiently. It is one of the important functions of a well operated city. One of the biggest issues when it comes to handling waste & recycling is picking up the materials efficiently and also ensuring that the


Intel and the U.S. Department of Energy revealed that the most powerful computer ever developed in the US will be kept at Argonne National Laboratory in 2021. United States’ debut exascale computer, called Aurora will integrate exceptional processing power the increasing potential of AI to assist in solving the most essential & complicated scientific problems. Being an exascale computer, Aurora will have the capability of one billion billion calculations every


Every single day, Pinterest processes & saves millions of food, vacation, fashion photos & videos through Amazon’s cloud. Recently, in the initial public offering filing, Pinterest revealed that they are dedicated to spend around seven hundred and fifty million dollars on Amazon Web Services over a six-year period, which will get over in July 2023. Towards the end of 2018, the remaining amount was over four hundred million dollars, which

Lithium Metal Batteries

Penn State researchers recently revealed that possibility of creating rechargeable lithium metal batteries with augmented energy density, performance & safety. They are planning on using a newly created, solid-electrolyte inter-phase to accomplish this. With increasing need for advanced energy density lithium metal batteries which is used for cellphones, drones & electric vehicles. Solid electrolyte inter phase’s stability has been an important issue in stopping their development due to the presence

Stability Testing

Determining the steadiness of pharmaceutical products is important in order to ensure safety of the patient & desired clinical results. The presence of harmful degradation products & loss of efficiency may lead to dangerous consequences. Therefore, stability testing takes place routinely on pharmaceutical products at every stage of development. Testing is necessary to assure that drug product retains the required efficiency & purity after it’s transported & stored. Different components


A couple of years ago, streaming industry was led by giants such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. They had a significant portion of content licenses & used this to introduce big alliances with cable providers. This year, firms such as WarnerMedia & Disney are introducing their content in-house before the launch of their streaming services. Hence, market share’s competition will be intense. But there is one particular area of

Infrared Cameras

Infrared Cameras have the ability to see through plastic, fog & smoke. However, infrared cameras are comparatively more expensive than visible-light ones. Infrared light’s energy is smaller as compared to visible light, which makes it difficult to capture. New advancement by University of Chicago’s scientists may someday in the future result in cost-effective infrared cameras. This may also lead to using these cameras in consumers electronics such as cellphones and