December 26, 2018

Negative Mood

In a new study, researchers at Penn State have found that negative mood including anger and sadness is linked with higher levels of inflammation in the body, which could be a signal of poor health. The study – featured in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity – is an extension of previous research that showed the association between clinical depression and hostility with higher inflammation. The investigators discovered that the

Ceramic Material

Scientists have recently designed a new ceramic material of high-strength that can tolerate prolonged exposure to supersonic airflow at temperatures higher than 2600 degree Celsius. The researchers from Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) said that the material they developed has excellent characteristics which is promising for application in aviation industry including the construction of nose cones and wings of the newest type of aircrafts.

Scientists Designed a Lung-inspired Mechanism to Turn Water into Fuel

In a new research, a team of scientists from Stanford University have designed an electrocatalytic mechanism based on mammalian lungs that enable conversion of water into fuel. It could help improve the efficiency of existing clean energy technologies, according to the scientists whose research work has been published in the journal Joule on December 20. Respiration process of an organism including inhalation and exhalation may have been mistaken to be


Rumors have been around about the social media giant Facebook seeking to build its own cryptocurrency for WhatsApp money transfers. Bloomberg reported on Friday that the company is focusing on developing the cryptocurrency that will allow its users to transfer money through the messaging app, targeting initially on the Indian remittances market, citing people familiar with the matter. The currency will enable Indians working abroad to send money back home,

Aggressive Driving

A team of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology has proposed an innovative framework for aggressive driving using wheel speed sensors, IMU sensors, and a monocular camera. According to the researchers, it is a combination of deep-learning based road detection, model predictive control (MPC), and particle filters, and has been detailed in a paper appearing on arXiv. As it has become essential to understand the extremity of autonomous driving, the


Shares of Nike climbed 8 percent on Friday, as the company reported that product innovation and robust online sales are helping gain higher revenue in North America as well as in international markets. The company’s stock is up 16 percent this year, representing the ninth positive year in 10-year time period, CNBC news reported. Furthermore, at midday, Nike’s climb added around 38 points to Dow Jones International Average. Although Nike’s