YouTube Removed 1.6 Million Channels in the Third Quarter, Mostly for Violating its Policies


Google’s video platform YouTube removed 1.67 million channels along with 7.85 million videos in its third quarter this year, as company’s battle against inappropriate content rages on. The recent YouTube Community Guidelines Enforcement report came amid growing concerns about how the platform monitors and delete problematic content including hateful, graphic content and video displaying violent extremism. As reported in CNBC news, this is the fourth report YouTube has released including information about deleting individual videos.

A channel on YouTube will be entirely deleted if it receives three strikes in three months or commits egregious violation such as child sexual exploitation. In August, the platform deleted the channel of InfoWars radio host and right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, which was the most high-profile removal of the year.

According to YouTube, about 79.6% of videos it removed were violating its policies on spams, scams or misleading content, while 12.6% were deleted for nudity or sexual content. In addition, about 1% of the channels were removed for hateful or harassment or abusive content, promotion for violence, and violent extremism, though videos of that nature have received high scrutiny in the past year.

Recently, YouTube has been the subject of various investigations indicating how the platform highlights extreme content such as hyperpartisan points of view or conspiracy theories, over highly measured videos.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai testified before the House of Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, where the lawmakers grilled him on wide range of questions including a particular conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton, other political members, and celebrities drinking children’s blood.

He said that YouTube is constantly making efforts to deal with misinformation spread through the platform but there were more work to be done. Although the new guidelines report includes information about removing channels that incite harm or violence, it is not likely to delete video for simply containing falsehoods, which is the main part of the issue, CNBC reported. In the past year, YouTube has made efforts to provide more authoritative content and had begun to link videos that show conspiracy theories to fact-based sites such as Wikipedia pages. In 2017, it promised to have over 10,000 people across Google to focus on content violations by 2018-end.

The video platform said that 80% of the videos it removed between July and September were initially detected by machines, while nearly 74.5% didn’t receive a single view. It also removed around 224 million violative comments in the third quarter.

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