Nettle Extract Market – Huge Demand in the Pharmaceutical Industry to Support Growth

Nettle Extract Market - Huge Demand in the Pharmaceutical Industry to Support Growth

The nettle extract is isolated from the Urtica dioica (Sting nettle) plant. The nettle extract is produced from the leaves, stem and other parts of the plant. The nettle extract has a lot of application in the food, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries. The nettle extract contains a good amount of α- linolenic acid and Omega-3 acid which has a positive effect over human health. The nettle extract market comes under the natural pharmaceutical market. This creates a rewarding opportunity for the nettle extract manufacturers as in the coming years, a growth in the demand of the natural pharmaceutical market is anticipated.

Nettle Extract Market: Drivers 

The update of the rules and regulation of the FDA has allowed the introduction of the nutraceuticals and herbal products in the American market. The same set of restriction is widely used all over the world and hence a lot of other countries have allowed a number of herbal and alternative medicinal product in their markets. This is a key driver in the nettle market as it is allowed in major regions. The versatile application of the nettle extract is anticipated to serve a healthy demand across different industries like pharmaceuticals, personal care and food and beverage.

In the personal care, the nettle extract is used for skin care products to treat acne, eczema, and other skin related problems. In pharmaceutical application, the nettle extract can be used for treatment of prostrated related problems, detoxification of the body, and improve libido. The nettle extract is used to produce nettle tea and other drinkables and also nettle is used as an herb in many recipes. The organic nettles are GMO-free produced without any herbicides and pesticides and the natural nettles are the GMO-free but may be produced using herbicides and pesticides. The different forms of the nettle extract have a different use in the market. The tablets, capsules, and paste are mainly used in personal care and pharmaceutical industry. The powders and liquids are mainly used in food and beverage products.

The lack of awareness of the importance of the nettle extract may act as a restrain to it and hence the manufacturers will require a detailed study of the regional market to create a healthy demand for nettle extract products.

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 Nettle Extract Market: Region-wise Outlook:

The North America and Europe are key regions for the nettle extract market because of the dynamic growth of the nutraceutical market in the region. Increasing awareness o0f the nutraceuticals and alternative medicines has also created impact in the Asia pacific and the MEA regions. In near future, this regions will create a healthy demand for the nettle extract products.

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