TikTok has become the Most Downloaded App on the App Store


Beijing-based video app TikTok has taken the digital world by storm and skyrocketed in popularity, leaving behind YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat as top free app in Apple’s app store.

TikTok, launched by ByteDance at the end of 2016, ranked first among the photo and video apps in terms of daily iPhone downloads in the United State, App Annie reported on 6 November.

The app is popular for lip-sync videos where users create and post short videos, accompanied by artistic filters music clips. These videos can get numerous likes, increase followers for the poster, and land on public feeds. Last year, TikTok’s parent company had acquired Musical.ly, another lip-syncing app, and merged with TikTok in August this year.

According to CNBC news, it is gamified sort of app that mostly attracts the younger demographics and has experienced a meteoric rise in the last few months. It also reported that such gaming and social apps are most likely to come in very quickly and leave that kind of flash in the pan, citing Lexi Sydow, App Annie’s markets insights manager.

Part of the appeal of a social networking app is the network effect where users can derive benefits if they can get can more number of friends and families in the app itself, according to Sydow, it increases the stickiness to the app. Further, most people are quick to call TikTok addictive.

As reported in CNBC, the app is starting out with a good head start and its merger with Musical.ly automatically brought all Musical.ly accounts to TikTok. It makes downloading a shareable version of the app as easy as tapping an icon, accompanied with a TikTok watermark. Users can easily share the video on social media sites, export and email mp4 files, or text hyperlink to friends. To use TikTok, no sign in or user account is needed, and doesn’t seem too concerned to keep the users in the app.

In September, TikTok saw a 31% increase, attaining a total of 3.81 million installs, surpassing Facebook’s total of 3.53 million. The app has grown a massive 237% since October 2017, making it one of the most-downloaded apps worldwide, according to TechCrunch reports.

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