Regulatory Curbs on Single-use Plastics to drive Product Innovations in Industrial Plastic Bags Market

Industrial plastic bags are extensively used in packaging of industrial goods during transportation. They are usually single-use bags and are customized according to the packaging needs of various end-use industries. A range of packaging materials can be used for making various types of industrial plastic bags such as poly bags, poly films, and specialty bags to meet the needs of various application areas. The demand for industrial plastic bags in the food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, electrical and electronics, and agriculture applications is rising. The low cost, light weight, and remarkable barrier properties that industrial plastic bags display are features that account for their preference over jute and paper bags for similar applications.

Rapid Pace of Industrialization bolsters Demand

The extensively rising demand for packaging solutions in various industries, fueled by the swift pace of industrialization, is a key factor driving the industrial plastic bags market. The rise in retail outlets has spurred the transportation of industrial goods, thereby fueling the demand for industrial plastic bags. The market has also benefitted from the rising need for better packaging solutions to cater to transportation needs in hot and humid weather conditions. The rising demand for industrial plastic bags that offer higher moisture resistance and abrasion resistance is boosting the market.

The burgeoning demand for food and beverages, grocery, and dairy products in developing economies is also spurring the demand for industrial plastic bags. The availability of cheap raw materials for manufacturing industrial plastic bags also augurs well for the overall market.

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Manufacturers to increasingly develop Bio-Degradable Plastic Bags to Conform to Regulations

The rising demand for industrial plastic bags in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries is offering considerable momentum to the overall market. However, manufacturers of industrial plastic bags have been facing setbacks due to regulatory curbs on the use of plastics in packaging in various countries across the world. To overcome these challenges, manufacturers are focusing on developing bio-degradable plastic bags that allows easy recyclability and don’t contribute to global problem of plastic pollution. This trend is expected to drive innovation in the industrial plastic bags market in the coming years. Moreover, the trend underpinning product development initiatives will gain fillip from the stringent implementation of regulatory norms in numerous developing and developed countries.

In the recent months, pollution by the disposable of single-use plastics has generated groundswell of concerns by regulators. To tackle the problem of single-use plastics, governments in a number of countries have announced ban on single-use plastic carrier bags. Combined with this, packaging manufacturers are being exhorted to develop environment-friendly packaging solutions. Agri and Industrial Packaging Limited, a prominent industrial packaging company, has recently announced that it is unveiling oxo-biodegradable plastics for industrial packaging. According to the company, these industrial plastic bags are made from various polymers and contain prodegradant catalysts that facilitates degradation in open environments.

In the coming years, several other manufacturers of industrial plastic bags are expected to take cue from this and will shun conventional plastics in their products.

Asia Pacific to witness Sizeable Chunk of Global Demand

Some of the key regional markets for industrial bags could be North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Of these, Asia Pacific is increasingly promising region and the opportunities in the region are expected to rise at rapid pace. This is driven by largely by the rapid strides that the food and beverages industries are taking. The substantially rising demand for packaging bags in industrialized nations across the region is also expected to accentuate the regional market.

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