Press Release Tapes Still Dominant over Counterparts with No Dependence on Heat, Water, or Solvent to Activate Adhesive

The global press release tapes market is foreseen to expect lucrative growth prospects created on the back of the rise of the building and construction industry. The MEA and Asia Pacific could be among the regions that witness a continuous surge in the demand for press release tapes in building and construction activities. The ease of removal of press release tapes and their complementary nature are expected to attract more consumers in the global market. One of the significant growth factors of the global press release tapes market could be the availability of a broad range of applications.

Manufacturers are anticipated to concentrate on introducing new products to gain an edge over other participants of the global press release tapes market. Early in 2018, Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) publicized a new addition to its line of masking solutions. The static-free, corona-treated pre-taped high temperature masking film (PTHMF) could be mainly used in the transportation, composites, and marine industries. IPG expects PTHMF developed with its high-performance, durable PG21 masking tape to help customers to reduce cost and improve productivity.

Advancement of Adhesion Technology Propels Demand for Press Release Tapes

The increase in demand for durable, high-performance tapes, which are more often than not developed with improved adhesion quality, is projected to push the growth of the global press release tapes market. There are alternatives available for press release tapes; however, they may not have an upper hand as press release tapes achieve a larger consumer preference owing to their ability to activate the adhesive without relying on heat, water, or solvent. In this regard, the growth of the pressure-sensitive adhesive market could set the tone for a significant rise of the global press release tapes market.

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Press release tapes find an increasing number of applications in various end-use industries because of their lighter and thinner characteristics, the reduction in assembly time, and the complete elimination of surface refinishing. On the other hand, the development of adhesion technology is predicted to increase the reputation of press release tapes as a joining and fastening solution.

Increase in Building and Construction Provides Tailwinds to North America Market

While Europe and Latin America may fail to impress in the press release tapes market in terms of growth, North America alongside the MEA and Asia Pacific is prophesied to become a leading region in the near future. Besides building and construction, the food and beverage industry could stoke the demand in the North America press release tapes market. Furthermore, the increase in building and construction activities in the MEA could augment the demand for press release tapes in the region. The APEJ press release tapes market is also prognosticated to gather pace vis-à-vis growth due to the increase in the number of industrial applications.

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