Biodegradable Air Cushions, Next-generation Sustainable Packaging Solution, Earn ‘Environment-friendly’ Epithet

The global biodegradable air cushions market is anticipated to improve its growth on the back of the increasing reputation of the cushions as next-gen sustainable packaging. Their environment-friendly nature and superior product protection could increase the demand for biodegradable air cushions. Moreover, conventional void fill materials could be replaced by biodegradable air cushions. There could be high demand in the global biodegradable air cushions market as product manufacturers continue to adopt the cushions for protective packaging because of their heat and water resistance characteristics. Additionally, biodegradable air cushions are resistant to disintegration or breakdown.

Launch of new products and addition of new features are predicted to help players to expand their consumer base when operating in the global biodegradable air cushions market. In September 2018, Pregis added new black and pink options to its Inspyre protective packaging as consumers responded positively to the product’s initial launch. Players may also adopt merger and acquisition and partnership as effective business tactics for gaining an edge over other competitors of the global biodegradable air cushions market. In order to draw more number of consumers in the global biodegradable air cushions market, they are prognosticated to focus on product development.

Low Maintenance Requirement and Easy Disposability Stoke Demand

The global biodegradable air cushions market is projected to gather pace with the emergence of biodegradable plastic. The demand for biodegradable air cushions could increase because of their ease of use and flexibility. Moreover, biodegradable air cushions require little to no maintenance, which could be another factor augmenting their demand among end users. Increasing awareness about biodegradable air cushions and tight government regulations pertaining to environment safety are predicted to support the growth of the global market.

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Owing to their easily decomposable nature, biodegradable air cushions have minimum effect on the environment. In addition, they are fully recyclable, which could significantly bode well for the global market. Biodegradable air cushions find application in various industry verticals such as consumer goods, personal care products, electronic goods, and food and beverages.

High Demand for Sustainable Packaging Helps North America to Dominate

The biodegradable air cushions market is envisioned to find extensive growth in North America due to the rise in the demand for sustainable and quality packaging solutions. Asia Pacific could also push the growth of biodegradable air cushions market while posting a healthy CAGR between 2018 and 2026. China and India witnessing an increase in the demand for electronic devices are forecast to create strong growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific biodegradable air cushions market. High demand in the food and beverages sector could also bolster the regional biodegradable air cushions market in the near future.

In 2016, there was a considerable increase in the consumption of eggs, fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods in Asia Pacific. Since foods require protective packaging, the demand for biodegradable air cushions is expected to increase in the region. However, lethargic economic recovery since the 2015 recession could create a slack in the demand for biodegradable air cushions in Latin America. Nevertheless, the adoption of biodegradable air cushions in the region is foretold to increase after 2020.

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