Instagram to Remove Fake Likes and Follower to Fight Inauthentic Third-party Apps


Leading photo-sharing platform Instagram declared on Monday it will start to eliminate inauthentic likes, spammy comments, and follows from accounts that continue to use third-party apps in hopes of growing their popularity.

According to the Facebook-owned company, it has developed a machine learning tool that will help detect the accounts using automated apps to generate like and comments that violate the policies.

In the new approach, Instagram will send a warning to these accounts to change their passwords and cut ties with the unauthorized apps. It emphasized that people who violate these terms ‘may face their Instagram experience impacted’. This type of behavior affects the community and violates its Guidelines and Terms of Use, Xinhua News Agency reported, citing Instagram in a blog post.

The company advised its users to stop providing access to their accounts by sharing login details to another company as it may lead to accounts being hacked, exposed, or exploited to send spams. For example, a drop in number of followers of an Instagram account may not be because that profile offended the public but the followers were fake.

Instagram has long been battling unauthentic activities on its platform by removing fake accounts, but it has not taken potential measures against false likes. While the company hasn’t given name of the third-party apps that it believes are a sign of inauthentic activity, a quick online search brought up apps that promise to help users boost their account. The renewed vigor for policy enforcement came into light when Instagram’s parent company Facebook is facing public reckoning for foreign misinformation campaigns influencing U.S elections.

Facebook announced it had removed about 754 million fake accounts in the past quarter alone, stating that stopping the spam apps could mitigate the misuse of clients’ accounts. Earlier this month, it removed about 85 Instagram accounts that were believed to be engaged in inauthentic activities.

The company is being scrutinized for not doing enough to eliminate hate posts from its platform, instead of focusing on other problems including censoring images of nudity, reports NBC news. Instagram declined the request for comment and did not offer any details on its new policies to remove fake accounts.

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