Huawei Plans to Introduce Voice Assistant Outside of China

Voice Assistant

China’s tech giant Huawei is working on its own voice assistant for outside of the country, potentially pitting it against Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, CNBC reported.

While the company’s ‘Xiaoyi’ is only for Chinese market which operates in its smartphones and smart speaker called the AI Cube, Huawei is now working on a new voice assistant that will work outside China. Richard Yu, CEO of consumer business told CNBC that Huawei is using its own voice assistant in China and in future it will have their own outside of the country.

The company is initially using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for its smartphones and AI Cube. It will need more time to build its own AI services that will later expand outside of China, according to CNBC news, citing Mr. Yu in an exclusive interview.

The CEO also confirmed that Huawei will continue to work in partnership with both Google and Amazon. Huawei’s steps outside China will put it in direct competition with the two largest U.S technology companies, whose voice assistants have already been integrated in many smart devices.

While Amazon was not immediately available for comment, Google declined to comment on the news. Huawei has still not released any information on what language the new voice assistant would use outside the country and when it would be available.

Many consumer technology companies have considered ‘voice’ as an important way for users to interact with the devices, especially smart network-connected gadgets. Speakers such as Amazon Echo and the AI Cube are already seen as hub which connects to appliances and can easily be controlled by voice.

Apart from the voice assistant, Huawei develops its own application processors through HiSilicon subsidiary, and is now planning to launch its own augmented reality (AR) glasses. However, the product will not be readily available in the market for at least one to two years, news reported. Other tech giants such as Apple and Facebook are also reportedly planning to develop similar products.

Augmented reality is a technology that sees virtual 3D images overlaid onto the real world. Huawei already has AR apps in its latest ‘Mate 20 Pro’ smartphones.

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