Apple to Rely on E-commerce sites Amazon and Flipkart for its Sales in India


Global iPhone maker Apple is set to tighten its e-commerce strategy in India after successful brick-and-mortar retail. As a part of a global deal with e-commerce giant Amazon, Apple will start selling its line of products including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch directly on Amazon’s website in India.

As reported in Gadgets Now, the company will have direct relationship with the two largest e-commerce sites in India including Amazon and Flipkart. The deal further emphasis that only Apple-authorized resellers will be allowed to sell the products on the marketplace.

An industry executive said that the company is entering into a new agreement which will decide the authorized resellers who can sell its products online. A similar process is also happening at Flipkart since it entered into business relationship with Apple last year.

According to two senior industry executives, Apple has decided to discontinue its partnership with, an authorized online seller in India, as the platform is not gaining much scale for the company. However, a spokesperson from Infibeam said that Apple’s agreement with its site is still active and will continue to be an authorized reseller for the Apple products.

The main objective of Apple’s latest e-commerce strategy for India is to ensure better customer experience for Apple products while eliminating counterfeits as well as sales of unauthorized refurbished Apple products, the executives reported.

The new agreement will prevent the indiscriminate discount of Apple products online, and number of heavy discount days will also be reduced to only big sale days such as Navratri sales and Prime Day, according to the executives. News reported that ecommerce sites register for about 30% of Apple’s sales in the country.

Although Apple reduced the number of distributors handling its product as a part of offline sales strategy earlier this year, it failed to offer better consumer experience and focused more on franchise-run exclusive stores. Apple declined to comment on discontinuing its partnership with Infibeam and new online sales strategy in India. According to sources, the company is working closely with the ecommerce titan to improve customer experience and looking forward for those people who are more likely to buy the Apple products.

Media reported that Amazon is planning to expand its collection of Apple products, while direct relationship with online marketplaces is expected to ensure some sanity in offering discounts.

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