Apple’s first 5G iPhone will Reportedly Release in 2020, Intel to be the Sole Provider of Modems

Apple’s first 5G iPhone will Reportedly Release in 2020, Intel to be the Sole Provider of Modems

A new report in Fast Company suggests that tech giant Apple is set to release its 5G iPhone in 2020, citing a source with knowledge of the company’s plan.

With 5G touted as the next generation of cellular networking, wireless carriers are preparing for the advanced connectivity that affirms to deliver faster download speed to the consumers. While smartphone manufacturers have been revealing phones as first 5G devices, majority of them are expected to release in 2019. Apple, on the hand, will take a little longer to unveil its 5G device.

As reported in Fast Company, Apple is planning to use Intel’s 8161 5G modem chip in its 2020 iPhones. Using a 10-nanometer process, Intel will fabricate the 8161 which increases the transistor density for enhanced speed and efficiency. While the million-dollar war between Apple and Qualcomm sees no end in sight, the company will possibly rely on Intel as ‘Sole Provider’ for iPhone modems, according to the news report.

Intel has been working on 8060, a precursor to the 8161 which will be used to prototype and test the 5G iPhones. Fast company reported that Apple has not been happy with Intel regarding heat dissipation issues due to the 8060 modem chip that needs to be resolved. However, the company’s current issues with Intel are not serious enough for Apple to reinitiate conversations with its former chip maker, Qualcomm for providing 5G modems, the news added.

Apple has been in talks with MediaTek, a Taiwanese chip maker, which is believed to be a distant ‘Plan B’ of the company. According to the news report, although MediaTek is working on the development of 5G modem, it is expected to provide the modem for low-priced smartphones, not for flagship devices such as iPhones.

Apple started working with Intel in 2015 to supply modems for its iPhones and is exclusively using Intel modem 2018’s lines of iPhones. As reported in Bloomberg, Apple, however, will not use Intel’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips for the 2020 model, as the company is developing its own modem.

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