Legalization of Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana Use to Help Global Pop Top Bottles Market Pick Pace

Legalization of Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana Use to Help Global Pop Top Bottles Market Pick Pace

Pop top bottles are bottles that have a push down cap, which needs proper tactic and some force so the bottle is not easily opened. These bottles, also called squeeze top bottles, are gaining increased popularity containers for marijuana owing to their child and moisture resistant designs. These bottles are also used to store and keep other small edibles fresh for a longer time in a most cost-effective and convenient manner.

In the recent years, the development and use of these bottles has significantly increased owing to the vast developments in the field of medical and recreational marijuana, with some countries having partly legalized its use, for mostly medicinal purposes, while some have cleared it for recreational use as well. In the near future, the global pop top bottles market will chiefly benefit from the rising demand in marijuana trade and individual use across the globe.

According to a recent market research by TMR, the global market for pop top bottles is likely to exhibit a promising upward trajectory in the next few years. The market is likely to be influenced notably by the following trends:

Legalization of Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana in Several Countries

The packaging of marijuana follows a vast set of rules and regulations set by governments across specific countries or regions. In North America, for instance, not all states have legalized the use of cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. The medical use is legal (with the recommendation of a doctor) in 31 states. In 9 states in the country, the recreational use of marijuana is legal and its commercial distribution is legal in almost all jurisdictions where it has been legalized.

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In Canada, the medical use of marijuana was legal for quite some time and now, the recreational use of the substance has also been made legal. A number of countries across Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe are also considering the legalization of marijuana.

The scenario will have a major impact on the overall scope of development of the global pop top bottles market in the next few years. Increased demand will push companies to focus on specific regulations associated with the design and material of these bottles for packing marijuana. Present regulations require that these bottles for use in the packaging of marijuana should have restricted labelling and less attractive packaging.

Rising Demand Attracts New Players in Market

Owing to the rising demand for pop top bottles, a number of new players have been entering the global market with their products. Owing to the low need for investment for establishing manufacturing facilities or the potential of putting to use their legacy manufacturing infrastructure to manufacture pop top bottles, the market has relatively less harsh entry barriers. This scenario has made the global pop top bottles market highly competitive over the years. To benefit from the rising growth opportunities, companies need to focus on growth opportunities in emerging markets and innovation in terms of material and design.

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