Hardwood Market to Witness Promising Growth with Increased Demand for World Class Floorings and Furniture

Hardwood Market to Witness Promising Growth with Increased Demand for World Class Floorings and Furniture

Hardwood is basically the wood extracted from dicot trees, found in tropical forests and broad-leaved temperate in the form of evergreen or deciduous. Hardwood obtained from dicot is basically from angiosperm trees while its counterpart softwood is obtained from gymnosperm trees. A major contrast between softwood and hardwood is the distinct structure of its cell wall and presence of pores in the wood. Other than that, the vessels of both softwood and hardwood are of prominent shapes and sizes and the structure of its cell wall is also different. Hardwood can be of varying colors and textures and also differ in weight depending on the environment it grew up in.

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Bungalows Promising Pure Hardwood Flooring Selling at Higher Prices Boosting Market Demand

Hardwood is used for making ships and boats and for making the basic framing structure of timber homes. With time, the lifestyle of people changed and so did their disposable incomes. Hardwood started to be used as designer furniture, gates, fences, and also for flooring at homes and in offices. Realtors are now charging an extra lavish prices for houses with pure hardwood flooring since it enhances the beauty of the house as per the running trend of “Go Nature”. This could be evidenced by the beautiful houses in Ashburn, Virginia. The houses are about a 4466 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 3 full and1 half bath for just quick needs. The floors are made entirely out of teak which is an excellent example of hardwood and also has double wall ovens for holiday fun plans. These homes that demand such lavish way of living starts at a price of 724,800 $ and more. The price of wood has gone up to touch the sky as per the current trends.

Recently, hardwood has been used in a number of applications like decorative articles, furniture, interior and exterior structures, construction and building along with decorative articles, firewood boilers and craft material as well. The attractive appearance of hardwood not only makes it presentable when it comes to furniture, it is not just aesthetic from appearance perspective but is also useful. Another major benefit of having hardwood is that it is not hard to maintain and kept be clean. Hardwood is not waterproof, hence it is best preferred not to be used for the flooring of kitchen, basement or bathroom.

North America to Show Promising Future Growth Rate Due to Increased Demand for Hardwood

Hardwood is difficult to avail and even the price is high, hence, alternatives have come to the rescue. The alternatives of hardwood are now chosen in place of the original ones and thus, the market may grow moderately in the coming years. The wood flooring is used at an extensive level on historic buildings and not much on a domestic level.

Geographically, the hardwood market is more in demand in the regions of Asia Pacific. This is because of the growing demand for wood flooring in China. Other than that, the market is also anticipated to accelerate in North America owing to the demand for furniture and flooring based of 100% hardwood. This demand was substantially high in Canada and the U.S, thus adding a boost to the overall market in the North American region. The demand for oak wood was seen to be very high in the regions of Europe, thus indicating a considerable growth rate in the coming years. Apart from that, hardwood market in the Middle East and Africa is increasing in its revenue graph with the advent of time and gaining popularity of hardwood flooring and furniture in the regional market.

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