Emerson to Reveal Advanced Welding Technology for Efficient Assembly of Plastic Components

Welding Technology

Emerson Electric Co. is all set to unveil a range of innovate plastic welding technology solutions. According to the company, a new generation of Branson ultrasonic welders is developed to address the increasing demand for the assembly of smaller and more complicated plastic components. This will help the manufacturers to meet tight project deadlines and deliver a product line’s estimated return on investment (ROI). The new welders will be demonstrated at Fakuma 2018 International Trade Fair for Plastic Processing (October 16th -20th).

New ultrasonic and laser welders by Emerson offer customized flexible joining solutions for increasing miniatured and intricate plastic parts. The company explained that the new flexible welding technology will impart better efficiency and control with greater welding precision, ensuring optimal weld quality and improved efficiency of plastic components assembly.

The Branson welding platform is an enhanced actuation system that enables high-performance and faster welding by reducing trigger force and improving position accuracy. In addition, broad hardware and software features lead to simple set up, operation and maintenance. Digital connectivity of the platform supports Industry 4.0/IIoT applications that allow access to functional performance and diagnostic data.

Along with the ultrasonic welders, the company is also planning to display the latest version its top-notch Branson GLX series of laser welders at Fakuma 2018. For systematic assembly of small- to medium-sized plastic components with intricate geometry, the Branson GLX-1.5 offers an affordable welding solution, including delicate components and embedded sensors and electronics.

Emerson is introducing its patented Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared (STTIr) laser technology in the Branson GLX series in order to provide remarkable weld quality and strength with excellent speed and flexibility. The GLX series also enable particulate free-welds without vibration force making it ideal for assembly of parts that require superior aesthetics. Such welders find wide application in medical device, automotive, and consumer electronic components.

William Vaughan, VP, Branson Global Marketing, Emerson said, to realize the expected (ROI), it is very critical for manufacturers to bring products to market on time, increase production rate, and ensure quality standards. Emerson will be helping these manufacturers to meet the challenges and market demands of plastic components by providing modular welding solutions, he added. Utilizing the new technology, Branson ultrasonic welders will be highly configurable that offers design flexible and class-leading weld performance.

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