Font Sans Forgetica to Aid People Remember

Sans Forgetica

It has been long any new font style has come into the market from Microsoft or any other giant company. Taking the advantage of this long abyss, a researcher’s team at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia invented a new font – Sans Forgetica. The team has named the font as Sans Forgetica. The font is likely to engage you more while writing, apart from these, the team is banking on the fact that this font is likely to help readers remember what has been written using this font.

The team collaborated with a creative agency called Naked to build this brand new font. Naked had recently made interaction with the press regarding the new font and said that it has added a web page from where people can download this font. The creative agency said that this is first ever font which is likely to make readers remember what they have read, if written with this.

When asked the company regarding the inception of the idea of this font, they said it was a small effort towards boosting memory retention for businessmen, students, office goers while going through their coursework. The research team is said to have collaborated with behavioral scientists and design specialists to procure the final result. The had to keep in mind that the font is pleasing to eye, as students spend number of hours studying their course materials. The team brought up stew of fonts which they though would help the readers to help gaining memory. When tested upon 400 students, Sans Forgetica came on top.

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Rohit Bhisey

Rohit Bhisey

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