Researchers Develops New Molecular Programming Language

Molecular Programming Language

Synthetic biology is considered as one of those area which is new and if explored and researched properly could open up mysteries in various fields such as medicine, nanofabrication, and biology. One of the major restrain faced in the market is the embedding computation in molecular contexts. Situations such as were electronic micro controllers is failing to insert are likely to cause roadblock. In order to pursue this, progress in methods which can acknowledge computation while using molecular components is required. Researcher’s team from The University of Texas at Austin is attributed to the creating of Molecular Programming Language CRN++. This is a language program which is brand new and can be used for programming deterministic chemical kinetics in performing computations. Their paper which got pre published on arXiv, the researchers with the help of this new Molecular Programming Language made a compiler that has the ability to translate CRN++ programs into chemical reactions.

Marko Vasic, who is a member of the research who studied the matter mentioned that the major restrain of synthetic biology is find a way to make chemical controller interact within a cellular environment. He also said, in order to achieve this programming and engineering of synthetic molecules is required. Molecules are known to interact with the help of chemical reactions, and if one programs molecules, it is actually defining the rules of interaction between them.

Latest progress in DNA synthesis is known to have opened doors for various possibilities in molecule engineering. Although researchers needs to find a way to design interaction rules, to procure desired results.

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