Dieting Can Lead To Heart Attack and Strokes, Finds Study


In a new study, it has been found that dieting and recurrent fluctuations in one’s body weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol can lead to a tremendous impact on the life expectancy along with heart health. While studying the nature, it was determined that quick changes in dieting and metabolic health parameters were linked with increased risk of strokes, heart attacks as wells as early deaths.

This valuable study were published in Circulation journal’s latest issue. Circulation journals falls under American Heart Association. The team of researchers in order to understand, procured data from Koran National Health Insurance. Almost 6.7 million people’s data were taken who had no history of high diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack or high cholesterol.

Team of researches meticulously examined every participant’s body, by measuring the blood sugar, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, body weight at three exams which were conducted with an interval of two years between the time periods of 2005 – 2012. When the study was done, the result that were in front of the researchers, were shocking. By the end of the study nearly 22000 people have faced strokes, 21000 people had heart attacks and almost 55000 people died.

The study ended in 2015, and the data conspicuously portrayed that individuals whose body weight, sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure altered by 5% during the study period, were prone to die at an early age by 2.3 times and had a 40% chance of suffering a stroke or heart attack. The researchers backing up their study resulted warned that the results are correlation and can be used guiding for a better future.

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