Green Mango Peel Nanoparticle to Clean Oil Sludge, Finds Researchers from University Of South Australia

Oil Sludge

According to a recent reports, in order to eradicate toxins that are present in oil sludge, scientists are using peels of green mango. A team of researchers from the University of South Australia have recently discovered that nanoparticles that are synthesized from the extract of green mango peel along with iron chloride is able to correct the oil sludge present in polluted soil by reducing toxins in oil sludge with the help of chemical oxidation, which leaves dissolved irons and decontaminated materials.

During the test, researchers found that the nanoparticle which is plant based was able to remove nearly 90 % of the toxins present in the oil- polluted soil. Biruck Desalegn, who holds a PhD degree, said that extracts of plants are now rapidly used for creating nanomaterials. In this research, we have taken the help of mango peel to produce valentless iron nanoparticles, which is capable of breaking down multiple organic contaminants. He also mentioned that as known to the world that mango peel is considered to be an excellent source of bioactive compounds, it is completely sensible to make valent iron from mango peel, which can be more powerful in the oxidation process.

Drawing a comparison, Desalegn said that after discovering the efficiency of mango peel iron nanoparticles, they found out that is even outmatches in term of performance with a chemically synthesized competitor. Zero valent iron is much used in environmental applications owing to its catalytic oxidation of numerous organic contaminants.

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