Sensors Powered by Sugar to Uncover Maladies Developed by Scientists


In a breakthrough development, a group of scientists from the Washington State University built a sensor running on biofuel and which is implantable. It is capable to uncovering the biological signals of a body, which in turn enables detection and prevention of various maladies.

The novel sensor, which is completely new of its kind, powered by the biofuel cell, extracts glucose from the fluids in the body to work. The biofuel cell combines electronics to process biochemical and physiological signals with a great degree of sensitivity.

Already, there are a lot of sensors in the market for detecting various health conditions and uncover maladies. Those include the smart watches or watches. While the smart watches need to be recharged, the patches attached to the skin cannot be embedded inside the body. This is where the sensor developed by the WSU scientists steal a march. Those could altogether eliminate the need for pricking a finger for testing diseases, namely diabetes.

One of the lead scientists who guided the entire development, named Subhanshu Gupta, explained that the fluids inside a human body have a lot of fuel. Those are via the lactate or blood glucose surrounding the mouth or skin.

He further added that highly sophisticated designs have been used for the electronics in the sensor so that it uses just a few microwatts of power. And integrating the biofuel cell with electronics results in much higher efficiency. Those can even beat the conventional devices running on batteries.

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