September 28, 2018


The aluminum and steel tariffs levied by the Trump Administration took nearly US$ 1 billion in profit from Ford Motor Co, the irony of this being that the company sources most of these profits from the U.S. Hackett has encouraged the President Trump’s administration in resolving trade disputes as soon as possible, as it could further the damage to the company. Hackett states that the company is already suffering from

Olfactory Ensheathing Cells

Delivering anticancer therapy to hazardous brain tumors, called “glioblastomas,” could possibly be realized through genetic engineering of a specific type of cell with the ability to regenerate as that of the olfactory neurons. Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), in their report published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute, have described potential of utilizing olfactory ensheathing cells for delivering anticancer agent to the tumor cells. The report also

Aluminum Oxide Sheets

Researchers from RMIT and UNSW have recently discovered revolutionary and an inexpensive way for making filters, which are capable of transmuting contaminated water into safe drinking water with the use of heavy metals. These researchers have found and demonstrated that aluminum oxide sheets based nano filters can be produced with relatively lower costs by using virtually zero energy from certain fixed amount of the liquid metal gallium. Adding a chunk