Easily Available Sodium to Be Primary Element for New Battery


Most of the batteries that are made up by using the rare lithium, which is mined from the mountains of South America. If this source is depletes, then the production of batteries could stagnate across the globe. On the other hand, Sodium is quire cheap in comparison and is available abundantly, which is considered as an alternative for using the lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion batteries are quite known to turn purple and further combust if they are exposed to water or even the water that is present in the air.

Researchers, across the globe are making notable efforts to make sodium-ion batteries that will function similarly as the lithium-ion batteries. The researchers have very well controlled the sodium’s tendency to explode; however, they have not yet succeeded on how to prevent the sodium-ions from getting lost, during the first few times when the battery discharges and charges. Recently, a team of researchers from the Purdue University have finally succeeded in fixing the problem and have created a version of sodium power that holds a charge properly.

Vilas Pol, the assistant professor of chemical engineering from the Purdue University stated that the adding of the fabricated sodium powder during the electrode processing demand for only slight modifications to the battery production process. Moreover, this is one of the most potential way in which the sodium-ion battery technology industry can further attain progress. The research study by the Purdue University was made available online in the month of June 2018 and the print of August 31, 2018 in the Journal of Power Sources.

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Rohit Bhisey

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