September 25, 2018

Feeding Behavior

There are several factors that trigger almost everyone to be interested in eating even when full or not hungry. The whole food industry itself is built on tempting individuals to eat, whether needed or not, through aroma, appearance, packaging and, and emotional associations. Some wonder if eating despite being full has to do with the taste or the environment that encourages indulgence. In a new study, researchers of University of Michigan,


Comcast beats its long-term rival Twenty-First Century Fox in an auction to purchase British Broadcaster Sky, valued at $39 billion. In the rare auction held by British regulators, the U.S. based cable giant offered £17.28 ($22.59) share which surpassed Fox’s offer of £15.67 (over $20) after three rounds of bidding. The bidding battle between two of America’s largest media companies over the coveted overseas competitor lasted for a long period,