Robots to Replace Several Millions of Jobs But Create More than That


A study from World Economic Forum stated in a recent report that it is being said that several jobs are expected to be taken over by the rising adoption of automation; however, people have less to fear from robots as compared to some might expect. The Swiss think tank has given predictions that robots are expected to taken over near about 75 mn jobs across the globe by the end of 2022 but they will also create around 133 mn new ones, which is considered as an overall profit.

It is said that the advancements would relive the workers for the new activities and jobs. But the others have given warnings that they have no assurance about the gone jobs that they would be replaced. It is expected that artificial intelligence would hold quite reduced risk to the jobs than expected.

Artificial Intelligence to Possess Fewer Risks for Jobs

Furthermore, it is expected that more data researchers, social medical specialists, and software developers along with the job roles are based on the ‘distinctively human traits’ such as customer service teachers and workers. On the other hand, the think tank stated that the gains would be resulted amid notable disruption.

Furthermore, it expects that robots are swiftly going to replace position in factories, accounting firms, post offices, and cashier job and secretarial roles. With the significant changes, workers are expected to be retrained to enhance and update their skills. It also prompts the governments to come up with the security nets for the employees whose jobs are gone. In addition to this, several more preparations are required for the workers.

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