September 2018


The aluminum and steel tariffs levied by the Trump Administration took nearly US$ 1 billion in profit from Ford Motor Co, the irony of this being that the company sources most of these profits from the U.S. Hackett has encouraged the President Trump’s administration in resolving trade disputes as soon as possible, as it could further the damage to the company. Hackett states that the company is already suffering from

Olfactory Ensheathing Cells

Delivering anticancer therapy to hazardous brain tumors, called “glioblastomas,” could possibly be realized through genetic engineering of a specific type of cell with the ability to regenerate as that of the olfactory neurons. Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), in their report published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute, have described potential of utilizing olfactory ensheathing cells for delivering anticancer agent to the tumor cells. The report also

Aluminum Oxide Sheets

Researchers from RMIT and UNSW have recently discovered revolutionary and an inexpensive way for making filters, which are capable of transmuting contaminated water into safe drinking water with the use of heavy metals. These researchers have found and demonstrated that aluminum oxide sheets based nano filters can be produced with relatively lower costs by using virtually zero energy from certain fixed amount of the liquid metal gallium. Adding a chunk

Greener Gasoline

After successfully converting plant waste into building blocks of greener gasoline in 2014, scientists at KU Leuven, Belgium have now developed ready-to-use recipe to produce cellulose gasoline for industrial applications. Cellulose, one of the main components of plant fibers, in sawdust, can be converted into hydrocarbon chains through a chemical process. According to Bert Sels from KU Leuven, the obtained hydrocarbon chains can be used as a gasoline additive to

Instagram Co-founders

To explore their curiosity and creativity again, Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have confirmed to leave the firm. With more than a billion users, Instagram was founded in 2010 and purchased by social media giant Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion in cash and stock where the co-founders continued to run the service. In a statement, published on 24th September, 2018, Mr Systrom, chief executive appreciated his tenure of

Personalized Medicine

Researchers discussed the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in improving drug combination designing and personalized medicine in an auto-commentary issued in SLAS technology. Based on a study published in Science Translational Medicine, the auto-commentary discusses an AI-based technology platform called quadratic phenotypic optimization platform (QPOP). It successfully creates a new system by using small experimental data sets to develop new combinations of drugs that act against drug-resistant multiple myeloma. With growing


Most of the batteries that are made up by using the rare lithium, which is mined from the mountains of South America. If this source is depletes, then the production of batteries could stagnate across the globe. On the other hand, Sodium is quire cheap in comparison and is available abundantly, which is considered as an alternative for using the lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion batteries are quite known to turn


Connections play an important role in the working of brain. To keep up cell associates, the external surface of a neuron, its film, should express specific proteins — world renowned hands that connect and welcome adjacent cells. What’s more, similar to a creepy long handshake, surface atoms can exceed their stay: A protein also known as traffickers which waits too long on the layer may trade off the associations, or

Feeding Behavior

There are several factors that trigger almost everyone to be interested in eating even when full or not hungry. The whole food industry itself is built on tempting individuals to eat, whether needed or not, through aroma, appearance, packaging and, and emotional associations. Some wonder if eating despite being full has to do with the taste or the environment that encourages indulgence. In a new study, researchers of University of Michigan,


Comcast beats its long-term rival Twenty-First Century Fox in an auction to purchase British Broadcaster Sky, valued at $39 billion. In the rare auction held by British regulators, the U.S. based cable giant offered £17.28 ($22.59) share which surpassed Fox’s offer of £15.67 (over $20) after three rounds of bidding. The bidding battle between two of America’s largest media companies over the coveted overseas competitor lasted for a long period,