Unidentified Fatty Acids in Seed Oil to Act as a Lubricant


Ornamental flower’s seed oil can be used for producing environmental friendly lubricant. A team of researchers from the School of Science at IUPUI discovered that compound present in the seed oil is different other fatty acid can be used for producing lubricant. This study was published in an online journal, called Nature Plants.

The purple flower, Orychophragmus violaceus which mostly present is China, is generally called February orchid. During the collaboration project on the understanding the genetic and biology makeup of O. violaceus, the scientist at Huaszhong Agricultural University which is located in Wuhan, along with the team of researchers from University of Nebreska-Lincoln found an enigmatic discovery in the seed. Mostly all the plant seeds consists of oil, which reserves energy. This energy is used for the later part of the growth, but February orchid’s seeds oil were different.
Unable to comprehend the complexity of the seed oil, the team of researchers called for a help from Robert Minto. Rober Minto is an IUPUI bioorganic chemist. His specialty is find unknown compound.

Minto mentioned that the discovery was unexpected. According to him the major compound present in the compound is fatty acid which hasn’t been identified till this date.

This uncanny discovery has opened numerous scope in the lubricant market. The discovery is likely to clear the air of doubt regarding the compounds present in the fatty acid. It is studied that seed oil present in the February Orchid is likely to act as a better lubricant in comparison to castor oil, which is used as a bio based lubricator. Researchers have found that seed oil of February Orchid is likely to provide better friction as well as higher temperature stability.

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